It is pretty simple.  I do European  Mounts and cleanings with  dermestid beetles. We all spend valuable time in the woods  doing  our favorite activities in  hunting many different species and I want to help  create  your lasting memory  of a big hunt.......economically. 

Many outdoor shops and taxidermist  like to provide a  spectrum  of products and different service components to your trophy.  Some shops are excellent  in providing  great artistic finishes and some others fall  short of that being stretched too thin.  I stick to  cleaning, whitening, and mounting in a simple but fashionable way.   No boiling or macerating to potentially destroy delicate bones or possibly  alter the size of your animal !

Price List

Deer European Mounted (w/o lower jaw)

$120- without plaque

$ TBD- with plaque or stand


Boar European Mounted(w lower jaw)

$125-150- without plaque

$TBD- with plaque or stand


Bear European Mounted(w lower jaw)

$150-$170- without plaque

$TBD- with plaque or stand


Small mammals (Bobcat, Racoon, Fox, Squirrell, et al.)

$60-$100 (Depending on size of skull)




Cattle/ Bison/ other bovine

$175 -$190(Depending on size of skull)



Small Skulls (rodents)




$125  without plaque


Gag Fee: Up to $50

- If your animal is not properly frozen, has maggots, bugs, or presumened to be contaminated I will charge this fee.

- See preperation list for more information.

Discounts available for processed heads prior to arrival.

Many plaque options available.  I can make it simple or unique if you would like.  Please talk with me for options and pricing. 

Lower jaw cleaning on some mounts available for minimal fee.



  • Keep head free of insects.
  • Freeze  skull  as soon as possible.
  • Do NOT salt the head either with skin nor without.  If salting is neccessary for prevention of fly contamination--MAKE SURE you let me know prior to arrival.
  • If you cant freeze the whole head right away, cape out the face in a clean pest free area the keep in cold storage until it gets to me.



  • At all possible place in 2 large ziplock bags AND large plastic bag--then place  in deep freezer.
  • Keeping the  sealed bag in ice will help if on   a hunt.
  • Cut out the tounge  and as much of the neck of the specimen .
  • Common sense
  • If packaging for  shipment- do not use the  Post Master. Fed-Ex or UPS. 
  • When shipping  protect the antlers with  styrofoam, paper or plastic pipe to secure in shipment.    Use a Rubermaid Tote not a cardboard box  for best protection.

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